General terms and conditions

The stay at Camping Memling is for tourist purposes only.
Any stay for other purposes must first be discussed with the owners and managers of Camping Memling.
Camping Memling reserves the right to refuse access subject to a refund of the reservation.
You will receive a payment request within 30 minutes after filling in the reservation form. 
Please transfer the full amount before the deadline mentioned in your pay request mail expires, upaid reservations will be canceled automatically.
You will receive a confirmation email after completing the payment, in exceptional cases it may take a little longer.
A cancellation has a fixed cost of €5.
We will refund the remaining amount as soon as possible.
If you do not notify us before 12:00 noon 1 day before arrival, neither credit nor refund will be possible.
The City of Bruges has changed the city tax to €1.5 per person per night since January 2023.
Persons under the age of 18 are exempt.
Every person who enters the campsite, takes notice of these regulations. By entering the campsite, one consents with the regulations.
The staff of the campsite has the right to oblige violators to leave the campsite.
Electric Vehicles
By Belgian law it is prohibited to charge an electric vehicle via CE-plugs.
The infrastructure on the campsite is not equipped for high capacity charging.
The risk of fires in the fuse boxes and the risk of electrocution via the body of the vehicle are significant.
Any damage by misuse will be compensated by the offender.
Barbecues are permitted on the tent field only on the preserved place.
They need to stand 40 cm above the ground and at a minimum distance of 1 m of flammable materials.
Due to fire hazard, only throw cooled and extinguished charcoal in the waste container.
Campfires are forbidden. 
Order and cleanliness
The camping place needs to be kept clean.
It is not allowed to leave bulky waste behind at the campsite. Domestic waste belongs in the residual waste bin, glass in the glass container, plastic bottles and cans in the PMD, paper and cardboard waste in the separate container.
Dogs are allowed and need to be kept on a leash.
Please do not walk the dogs on the campsite, the neighboring forest is ideal for walking the dog.
Peace and quiet
Music may not be heard by the neighbors. After 22.30h (10.30 pm) all noise and music is forbidden.
The maximum speed on the campsite is 5 kms per hour.
After 11 p.m. the barrier is closed to incoming traffic.