General terms and conditions

Reservation Terms and Conditions


Purpose of Stay

The stay at Camping Memling is solely for tourism purposes. For any other type of stay, prior consultation with the owners and managers of Camping Memling is required.

Right of Admission

Camping Memling reserves the right to deny access, with a refund of the reservation according to our terms and conditions.

Reservation and Payment

After completing the reservation form, you will receive a payment request within 30 minutes. Please pay within the period specified in the payment request email. After this period, the reservation will be automatically canceled, in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Tourist Tax

The tourist tax is €1.5 per person. Persons under the age of 18 are exempt from this tax.


You will receive a confirmation email once the payment is completed. In exceptional cases, it may take a little longer for you to receive it.


Canellation Policy


Flat Fee

A cancellation incurs a flat fee of €7. We will refund the remaining amount as soon as possible.

Late Cancellation

If you do not notify us before 12:00 noon 1 day before arrival, neither credit nor refund will be possible.


Camping Memling House Rules



Every person entering the campsite acknowledges these rules and agrees to the terms and conditions. The campsite staff has the right to expel violators from the premises.

Charging Electric Cars

It is illegal to charge an electric car via a CE plug. Our infrastructure is not designed for high-capacity charging. The risk of fire in the fuse boxes or electrocution via the car body is real. Any damage caused by improper use of the electrical network will be compensated by the offender. A Tesla charger ("Wall Connector") is available. You can charge your vehicle upon request.


Allowed only at the designated area on the tent field. On paved and standard sites, the minimum height is 40 cm above the ground and at least 1 meter away from flammable material. Due to fire risk, only cooled and extinguished charcoal should be disposed of in the waste container. Campfires are prohibited.

Order and Cleanliness

The camping site must be kept clean. It is not allowed to leave bulky waste on the campsite. Household waste belongs in the general waste, glass in the glass container, plastic bottles and cans in the PMD, and paper and cardboard in the designated container.


Dogs are allowed, keep them on a leash. Please do not walk the dogs on the campsite; the nearby forest is ideal for walking the dog.

Quiet and Peace

Music should not be audible to your neighbors. After 10:30 PM, all noise and music are prohibited.


The user is responsible for the equipment used, both hardware and software, and its security. This includes keeping security settings up-to-date and protecting personal data while using our Wi-Fi network

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